Founded in 2003 by Rodrigo Mendia de Castro and Fong Kin Ip, FCLaw Lawyers & Private Notaries is a corporate and litigation law firm, comprising by far the largest notary department in Macau, with Chinese and Portuguese background. It has been assisting financial institutions, banks, developers, construction, real estate, medical and life insurers, pharmaceutical and aviation operators, gaming and luxury retailers, among others, in their financing, set up, acquisitions, restructure and in the full scope of their business operations, including due diligence. FCLaw has participated in most of the largest commercial and finance projects and transactions over the past years, representing most of the local and foreign key economic players. Our team runs one of the litigation departments in Macau with most pending cases in court, including 90% of all labour cases. FCLaw lawyers have been involved in domestic and international commercial arbitration, as well as in enforcement of arbitration awards, both as attorneys and expert witnesses. By comprising the largest notary department in Macau, FCLaw has proven experience in real estate transactions and banking financing. The team of 3 multi jurisdiction lawyers (Macau, Portugal and Brazil) and with expertise in Laos, Angola, Guinea-Bissau and Equatorial Guinea legal systems, out of over 30 professionals, includes university lecturers with renowned published work, combining a practical approach with academic insight.

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