Academic Career
BA with Honours: Law Degree, Faculty of Law, University of Lisbon in 1991.
Attorney Internship Certificate by the Portuguese Law Society (qualified as an Attorney) in 1994.
Postgraduate Course at Faculty of Law, University of Lisbon in 1996.
Private Notaries Course, Macau (Qualified as a Private Notary) in 1999.
Master: LLM Course, Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge in 2001.
Undertook DPhil studies (ABD), Faculty of Law, University of Oxford in 2002.
Junior Research Fellow, University of Oxford (Wolfson College) in 2007-2008.
Research Fellow, University of Oxford (Wolfson College) in 2008-2011.

University Lecturing and Academic Positions
Portuguese Law Society (Tax Procedure), Lisbon in 1993.
Faculty of Law, University of Lisbon (Civil Procedure, Introduction to Theory of Law) in 1990-1994.
Faculty of Law, International University (Law of Obligations), Lisbon, in 1993-95.
Faculty of Law, Modern University (Criminology), Beja, in 1994-95.
Faculty of Law in Bissau (Criminal Procedure, Political Science and Constitutional Law, Conflict of Laws, Civil Procedure), Guinea-Bissau, in 1995-97.
Law-Making Course for Members of the Parliament and legal advisors, Guinea-Bissau, in 1997.
Member of the Governing Body of Wolfson College, University of Oxford (elected), in 2003-04.
Welfare Officer, Wolfson College, University of Oxford (elected), in 2004-05.
Stanford University, Program in Oxford (Democratic Jurisprudence) in 2004.
University of Oxford, St Hilda’s College (Philosophy of Law) in 2006.
Co-convener of the Jurisprudence Discussion Group, Faculty of Law, University of Oxford, 2007-08.

Professional Career
Criminal Investigating Officer of the Military Judiciary Police, Lisbon, in 1992.
Researcher for the Forum for Justice and Liberties, Lisbon, in 1992-1995.
Lawyer (own practice) in Lisbon, in 1993-95.
Researcher at the Legislative Affairs Office of the Macau Government in 1998, where worked as a legal advisor for the Macau Government in the areas of Civil Law (Breach of Contract and Tort), Corporate and Labour, Criminal Law and Gaming and Administrative Law.
Lawyer at JNV Legal Law Firm, Macau, in 1998-2000.
Researcher and consultant for the Macau Gaming Commission for the Tendering Process to Grant three Concessions to operate Casinos (co-authored the Administrative Regulation 26/2001 and the Commission’s Adjudication Report) in 2000-2001.
Founding Partner at Legal Macau Law Firm, Macau, in 2008-2014.
Partner at ARB Law Firm, Macau, in 2014-2017.
Joined FCLaw Lawyers & Private Notaries as a partner in 2017.
Acted as a lawyer in Domestic and International Commercial Arbitrations.
Practiced Lao law in court proceedings in the Lao Peoples’ Democratic Republic (Lao PDR), as a ‘party’s representative’, and studied the Lao PDR legal system since 2012.
Acted in proceedings in the United Kingdom as an expert witness on Portuguese law, in Hong Kong as an expert on Macau Law, and in Singapore as an expert on Lao PDR law.
Distinguished by the Macau Daily Times in its ‘2013 Year in Review’ with an honourable mention for a ‘historic win’ in a legal action.
He is co-author of the ‘Macau’ Chapter in ‘International Franchise Sales Laws”, published by ABA, Forum on Franchising, Chicago, and author of the ‘Macau’ Chapter in ‘Asian Conflict of Laws – East and South East Asia’, published by Wolters Kluwer, ‘The Concept of Manipulation’ (Philosophy paper) in ‘Líber Amicorum de José de Sousa published by Almedina, ‘Criminal Justice and Judicial Power: the example of the abuse of process in the English legal system’ in ‘Direito Processual Penal, Macau Legislative Assembly published by Coimbra Editora, ‘Interpretation of the Basic Law by the Courts of the Macau SAR’ in ‘One Country, Two Systems, Three Legal Orders - Perspectives of Evolution: Essays on Macau's Autonomy After The Resumption of Sovereignty by China’, published by Springer Berlin Heidelberg. He presented several papers at conferences, in Oxford, London, Hong Kong and elsewhere, and published articles in academic journals in Portugal, Macau, Hong Kong and England. For more information, please click here.

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