Academic Career
Graduated in Law, Faculty of Law of the Lusíada University in 1993.
Legal training at the law firm of “Albuquerque e Associados” in Portugal under the patronage of Professor Martim de Albuquerque in 1994-1995.
Legal training at the law firm of Jeantet et Associés in Paris, France, under the patronage of Maître Christian Bouckaert, in 1995.

Professional Career
Practiced law at the law firm of “Albuquerque e Associados” in Portugal in 1995-1997.
Worked as senior civil servant in the Office for Legal Affairs of the Government of Macau in 1997-2001, where participated in the revision of the section of the Commercial Code on Corporate Law, was a Member of the Advisory Commission established to prepare the Civil Procedure Code, acted as Legal Advisor in the field of International Law and drafted the project for the establishment of the Small Claims Court.
Practiced law at the law firm of João Miguel Barros, Fong Kin Ip and Rodrigo Mendia de Castro in 2001-2002.
In 2003, founded FCLaw Lawyers & Private Notaries and is leading the firm since then. As the head of the business and financing departments, has been assisting financial institutions, banks, developers, luxury retailers, gaming, construction, real estate and aviation leasing companies in their financing, set up, acquisitions, spin-off and restructure of the full scope of their business operations, participating in most of the largest commercial and finance projects and transactions over the past years and representing most of the key economic players. Runs one of the litigation department in Macau with most pending cases in court, including 90% of all labour cases.
He is co-author of the Macau Chapter of the book “International Franchise Sales Laws, Second Edition”, edited and published by the American Bar Association, and has published articles in the Asian Gaming Lawyer magazine.

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